Monday, October 19, 2009

A Crocheted Doll

I love to crochet and sometimes I do not need instructions, especially for crocheting 3-D stuff. I have crocheted bears, dogs, aand other animals and I stuff tem as I finish them.
A couple of years ago, I crocheted two dolls for my first grand daughter. I first drew a little paper pattern of what looked liked the bottom of a doll shoe. Using this as a pattern for size, I then crocheted two shoe soles, using single crochet, and working on both of them at the same time to keep them both the same shape as I went along, since I do minimum counting. It is kind of weird, because some inner instinct lets me know when to diminish stitches or add stitches as i work. When both soles are finished, I then being the rounds shaping the upper part of the shoe. When it looks like the shoe I want, I change yarn color and work on both adding the sock shape, changing yarn and working on the leg shape on both of them. Somehow, I know when to add or subract to shape the ankle, the leg and then the knee and the thigh. It gives me a good feeling to end up with a nice shapely leg--two of them. I set them aside.
Now I start doing a pantylike shape in 3-D--crochetting until I get to the "waist" and then I change to the skin color used for the legs and continue crochetting what will be the upper torso, leaving holes for the arms, just as I left holes for the legs on the panty shape.
Usually at this time I stuff the legs and attach them with a regular sewing needleand a careful stitch to the panty form. I then stuff the panty and the upper torso and set aside.
I then start two tubelike forms with a closed end as the beginning of the hands and i somehow work on making a thumblike shape and a wrist on this two shapes, always worki ng on both so that they will be the same. My instinct always tell me how to work to make the proper form to look like the arms , complete with a slight elbow shape. When both arms are finished and seemed to be the proper lengh, I stuff them and attach to shoulders of torso. I then start to shape a neck. I work on the head last, making an egg shape and working instictive to shape it to look like a head. somehow I know where to shape the nose, chin and mouth--these are definitely the hardest and sometimes I have to redo until I get the right shape. I stuiff the head and attach with a regular needle to the neck, making sure there is enough stuffing in the neck to hold up the head properly. My doll is finished . Now i have to add yarn haie and crochet clothes for her or him as the case may be.