Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dog Booties

Leaves are fantastic! I had always thought so, but now more than ever. Following the inspiration of an article from BELLE ARMOIRE called "Abstract Knitted and Crocheted Shawls", I have been making leaves of different sizes in different colors of left over yarn to make myself a one of a kind shawl for myself.
My cousin Tina asked me to make some little booties or shoes for her small dog, because she said the kitchen floor was too cold and she is afraid he'll get arthrities. Finding myself short on time between all my needlework projects, I decided to improvise and it all worked out beautifully.
First of all I tried to find four leaves in the same color and about the same size and I was lucky to find them in the yellow green color. I then cut four roundish looking soles from a heavy black felt and sewed a leaf around each sole, starting at the back of the shoe wityh the tip of the leaf, going around and meetimgh with the other tip of the leaf. the little bootie was shorter at the back, where I added ribbon to tie in front on the wider part of the leaf as the shoe "tongue". So four green leaves turned into four dog booties! leaves are versatile!!!