Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quilted Postcards

I have been making some quilted postcards to exchange with the other ladies on my quiled landscape group. Before Christmas, we made some Christmas ones and I showed how ordinary trees are decorated with lights in the Rio Grande Valley because we hardly have any fir trees. I ended up sending them late and later in February send some little surprises to the ladies...some pink butterflies made from fabric from a book on making gifts in the Japanese way.
Then we made some winter postcards in January and I used some net my daughter left in her stash of fabrics that looks like it is snowing. I put these net over some fir trees for one card and over embroidered bare trees for the other card. (There were only three of us in the group, instead of 4 as the group should be.)
I then made three Spring ones--one looked like bluebonnets, but the curled ribbon was purple; one was a flowering tree, using pink knots as flowers on an embroidered tree; and the third one was a grape leaf with some early small grapes, which reminded me of an early childhood memory from my mother's garden.
I loved making these postcards that I am still making some more, but this time concentrating on the bugs of spring. I made a card with red butterflies among some whilte lace flowers, a large one in front and some smaller ones in the distance. Another one had a grasshopper made with an appliqued piece of green cloth and black embroidered legs. (I really liked this one a lot.) Another has a dragonfly appliqued over a nice piece of quilted cloth with tiny dragonflies in a pattern. Another one is a thistle flower crocheted.
We're now making postcards based on a song title and I finished one. I had a gold paisely that I cut and arranged the paisely forms to look like flames, adding some shiny material in a very shiny and reddish look and even added what represents a match---LIGHT MY FIRE! I am making one from an applique of a little island in the middle of the ocean--IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ISLAND(1957). The third one is not decided yet, although i have one looking like an ordinary grass and flowers--maybe---I never promised you a rose garden!

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